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宇曜科技主要致力於電子零件及半導體的代理銷售以及模組的設計銷售,亦從事專案的開發技術支援等服務, 宇曜致力此業已有多年豐富經驗,亦有多項成功專案,獲客戶的極力信賴及推崇。

產品應用領域相當廣泛: NB,CCTV, IP Camera, LTE 相關產品, PDA ,PC , 車用電子等….

理念: 專業的知識, 最高的品質,熱忱的服務,了解客戶的想法及需求,解決客戶問題, 與客戶共創商機。

U-HIKARI TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. was established in 2003.We have offices in Taipei and Shenzhen. In electronic industry, we insist on offering professional services for our customers. Also, we are the best business partner not only for customers but suppliers. We are agent for electronic components and semiconductors. Our services include modules’ design and sales, technical support for project exploitations, etc. We have abundant experiences and insist on offering high quality service for our customers. U-Hikari is highly proud to be praised and trust by our customers.

Our products are applied to diverse fields such as NB, CCTV, IP Camera, LTE, PD, PC, and so on.

1.Professional skills
2.High quality service
3.Enthusiasms attitude
4.To recognize customers’ thinking and need
5.To solve customers’ technical issue
6.Mutual benefits